"It’s all about the fun and raw emotion, I look for it, I hunt it down, I capture it."

In the build up

I get it, planning a wedding can be a trip into the unknown, so I will do all I can to help from our first contact right up to the big day. My priority is to meet with you both, get to know you and start building a picture of what you want to get from your photography by sharing ideas and experience. I listen carefully and ultimately aim to give you a clear idea on what you can expect from me, even though I always aim to exceed it. If you need suggestions on helping your wedding day run super smooth or even a recommendation for another supplier locally, I can help, I have attended A LOT of weddings, as a result I have plenty of industry wide experience.

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On the day

On the day, I make sure I capture everything as it happens and as I see it, naturally and creatively, From the dress, to the ceremony to the dancing, I don’t intend to lead the way with how your days pans out. You have set up your day the way you want it and i have the privilege to have an "access all areas" pass to document it while never getting in the way.  I am not afraid to get stuck in and i know when to take a step back..

There will be times in the day where I can and will offer some direction but for the most part, it’s me having fun with you and your guests at your wedding, capturing everything that goes on and everything else you don’t see.

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Stunning photos of you

As mentioned above, there will be some direction from me when it comes to having some time out to get some photos of you both, i want you to treat this as having some time away from the crowds, go for a stroll, be together, have a giggle and create some stunning images. it’s all about having fun and letting it flow but don't worry, I wont be taking you away from the party for too long!!!



In the build up and general questions

+ What areas do you cover?

I cover mostly weddings in Devon, Cornwall and Dorset however, I do not limit myself to these areas of the country. I love to travel and get excited about shooting at new venues so wherever you are getting married, let me know and we can discuss a bespoke package for you.

+ How far in advance should we book you?

I am happy to book you in when suits you, whether that be 2 months or 2 years in advance. It’s always wise to keep in mind that there is only one of me and if you have your heart set on booking me to do your wedding photography, best get it done sooner rather than later. An additional bonus of booking suppliers earlier is you tend to get current prices, which you do in my case.

+ How do we go about seeing further samples of your work?

Simply give me a call or contact me here and I will send you some links to whole weddings. This will give you a much better idea of what you can expect from my wedding photography.

+ Are you insured?

I hold full professional indemnity and public liability insurance. Should a venue require evidence of this I am more than happy to provide copies.

+ Should we meet up before the big day?

Of course, it's always great to have an initial meeting over a coffee or something stronger, get to know each other a bit and share ideas. Closer to the wedding we would meet again to go over the fine details and if you are having a church wedding, I always try to get to the rehearsal. I aim to create my own itinerary of your day, so when the wedding comes, I know exactly what needs to be done and when.

+We would love to book you, now what

Excellent, thank you. If I haven’t already provided you with a copy of my contract, contact me and I will send you a link to a copy for you to complete, upon receipt of the completed contract and the booking fee, I will confirm the booking of your wedding day.

On the day

+How long would you stay at our wedding?

I stay until I am happy the job is done, I like to ensure I get plenty of dancefloor action in the evening after the first dance. Once all is done, I leave everyone in peace to shake their stuff and let the camera phones take over.

+Do you do family group shots?

I am always happy to capture group shots as they are very important to some. I would suggest keeping them to a minimum, usually around 6-8 works well plus the wedding party. Normally these shots would just involve immediate family which include parents, siblings and grandparents. However, I would never tell you what photos to have, I would ask you to provide me with a list of the shots you want so when the time comes, I can take care of it and with a little help from a nominated person (usually a groomsman) we can get them done quickly so you can get back to the fun.

+We hate having our photo taken, can you help us?

This is why it’s important for us to meet up prior to your wedding, not only for us to get to know each other but also for me to get a feel for how you are with having your photo taken. Honestly, you really don’t need to worry about anything, it’s not about me and my camera, it’s about you both. The only time you will really be in front of the camera is when we go for a walk to get some stunning photos of you both while you take some time out together, no false smiles, it’s my job to make you feel comfortable and inject a little bit of fun with my photography.

+Do we need to provide you with a meal while we are having ours?

It is never expected but it is always welcome, most couples do provide a meal for me either in another room or bar area. I would always check that there was somewhere I could get something to eat otherwise I bring a packed lunch.

+What if it rains?

Ah the dreaded r word!!!!, we always put together plan “A”, which is the fair weather plan. However, being Great Britain, the weather is never guaranteed so there is always a plan "B". This we would discuss in our pre wedding meeting to ensure we make the best of the venue and the situation to help put your mind at ease. There is always a way, it’s all about not sweating it and making it work and of course having fun with it.

+What happens if you break your leg the day before our wedding?

Apart from making sure I get to a hospital, my priority would be to reach out to my network of professional photographer friends who if available, will jump in to do the job. I will go out of my way to ensure I can find a suitable replacement. I have NEVER had to call on anyone, so the odds are on for me being there on your wedding day.

+What do you wear on the wedding day?

I want to fit in, I don’t want to stand out but I still need to be comfortable and agile (ok, agile may be an overstatement). Comfy shoes, trousers and a shirt, fully loaded cameras and a smile to boot.


+When will our photographs be ready?

I never like to keep my couples waiting any longer than they have to. I try to aim for no longer than 4 weeks, however during busier periods (end of summer) it can take a little longer but I can set expectations closer to the time.

+How many images do we get on the USB drive/download?

All weddings are different and can vary from wedding to wedding. For a full day, generally I provide around 500 photographs.

The copyright always belongs to the photographer but as described in my contract, you are pretty much free to do with them as you wish with only a few restrictions, I am happy to talk over these with you.

+How do I receive the USB

I always think it’s important to personally deliver the photos, it’s always great to catch up. However, if time or travel distances mean it’s not feasible, I have them sent securely in the post.


I hope this provides you with as much information as you need for now, to see what others think of my service, please have a read of my fantastic feedback here and see more of my work over in the galleries page here