The wedding of Asim and Ammie, The Hartnoll Hotel, Bolham, Tiverton

June 09, 2016  •  4 Comments

Ammie and Asim’s approach to their wedding was simple,

"Let’s get married and lets have a lot of fun."

From morning until night they remained laid back and cool as cucumbers and this really did influence their family and friends to do exactly the same.

The location for the wedding was the stunning Hartnoll Hotel in Bolham near Tiverton. In the summer the Hotel boasts the most amazing garden space and has a beautiful backdrop to match which made for fantastic photos throughout the day and into the evening. Asim and Ammie made sure they added plenty of personal touches to their day to keep their guests entertained, from the garden games to the “build your own Lego character” task everyone was invited to take part in. Even the cake was made of Lego (or so you would think).

Needless to say I loved every second of this Wedding, we had so much fun during the preparation in the morning, the service was full of smiles and laughter and the reception flowed nicely with perfect weather keeping everyone outside making use of the what the Hartnoll has to offer. They really couldn’t have made the day any more perfect. Oh and they had Eventine Band playing in the evening, you know you are going to party when they are playing! It was good to see my friends from South West Photo Booths there also, I even got dragged in for a few photos as well.

Handing the photos over is always a nervous time for me, waiting for that initial feedback. However this was short lived as I soon got a text with the first line saying “You are an actual Super Hero!”, that put a massive smile on my face as those highly anticipated messages always do.

Ammie told me her favourite photo was one where they are both looking into at each other, it’s a simple photo as far as “photography” goes but it’s the subject and the moment that makes it. it’s clear to me the reason why the photo means so much comes down to the expression on their faces and the love in their eyes. You cannot stage those moments, I can only capture them.

Thank you to Asim, Ammie, their friends and family for being so amazing and accommodating on the day, and of course the Hartnoll Hotel who always deliver. It was a great day!

Here are some pics from the day

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Joss Denham(non-registered)
great job
Alex Toze, this session is worth paying attention in any case. I am sure these photos are beloved by hundreds
Fabulous photography! The second to last image is my favourite :)
Sue Boardman(non-registered)
Fantastic photos of a wonderful day, you have captured the whole essence of the day.
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