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I have been friends with John and Kate since my school days, so it was an absolute privilege to be asked if I would be their wedding photographer.

The whole occasion was set at the Corn Barn, hidden discreetly in the beautiful Devon countryside near Cullompton. It’s fantastically secluded and intimate which contains the wedding party in rustic yet luxurious surroundings.

The Weather was glorious, with not a cloud in the sky for most of the day, it was a welcome break from the wet, winter we had just escaped from. Spring was well and truly in the air and the guests soon settled into the sun trap for pre wedding service drinks to get them in the mood for the fantastic day ahead.

After a very emotional afternoon that had many in tears as well as fits of laughter, the evening well and truly went off with a bang with the assistance of local band Eventine, a 5 piece covers band who I have seen on many occasions and have never failed to get the dance floor rocking all night.

John and Kate gave me free reign to do what I wanted with the photography, mostly keeping it natural and capturing the day as it unfolded, I did get an opportunity to take them both for a little stroll around the venue for some of those all important couple shots, making use of the surroundings (and the sunset).

This was a fantastic wedding, John And Kate must be extremely proud of everything they achieved.

Well done both :)

John Kate-2John Kate-2

John Kate-22John Kate-22   John Kate-19John Kate-19

John Kate-31John Kate-31

John Kate-79John Kate-79

John Kate-81John Kate-81


John Kate-89John Kate-89

John Kate-110John Kate-110

John Kate-130John Kate-130

John Kate-154John Kate-154   John Kate-128John Kate-128

John Kate-159John Kate-159

John Kate-168John Kate-168

John Kate-184John Kate-184

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John Kate-216John Kate-216

John Kate-239John Kate-239

John Kate-274John Kate-274

John Kate-361John Kate-361

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