Lee and Claire - Lord Haldon Hotel

Lee and Claire got married back in April on what was once again, a beautiful day. I was only with them for a few hours but this was plenty of time to capture their Wedding service and take a wonder around the beautiful gardens with them and their guests to make the most of what the Lord Haldon Country House Hotel had to offer. 
When the sun shines this really is a great place to be, guests sipping Pimms and having a giggle, kids running around having fun, and couples escaping around the gardens for their own romantic stroll. 
Stunning.....and Claire and Lee's day was exactly that, very relaxed, full of smiles as drenched in sunshine on what was the start of a fantastic summer.

Here are a selection of photos for you to enjoy! 

Lee & Claire-3Lee & Claire-3

Lee & Claire-6Lee & Claire-6 Lee & Claire-14Lee & Claire-14 Lee & Claire-20Lee & Claire-20

Lee & Claire-8Lee & Claire-8 Lee & Claire-32Lee & Claire-32 Lee & Claire-43Lee & Claire-43 Lee & Claire-52Lee & Claire-52 Lee & Claire-72Lee & Claire-72 Lee & Claire-90Lee & Claire-90 Lee & Claire-93Lee & Claire-93 Lee & Claire-130Lee & Claire-130

Lee & Claire-194Lee & Claire-194 Lee & Claire-188Lee & Claire-188 Lee & Claire-207Lee & Claire-207 Lee & Claire-213Lee & Claire-213 Lee & Claire-215Lee & Claire-215 Lee & Claire-216Lee & Claire-216 Lee & Claire-218Lee & Claire-218 Lee & Claire-225Lee & Claire-225 Lee & Claire-242Lee & Claire-242 Lee & Claire-239Lee & Claire-239


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