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Carl and Danielle’s service was held at St John In The Wilderness, a stunning church tucked away between Exmouth and Woodbury. Unfortunately I was not allowed to take photographs during the main part of the ceremony itself, however with some Ninja skills and a quick chat with the Vicar about setting some shots up, I was able to get what I wanted with the time that I had.

After a brief trip for Carl and Danielle in a rather rocking VW Camper, we arrived at Woodbury Park for the reception. I love Woodbury Park, nothing to do with that fact I also love Golf but I just feel the venue is perfect for a good party. A decent size, it looks great and everyone is kept in one place, which always helps.

Following the meal and some Hilarious speeches the evening kicked off properly with the help of local band Eventine, if you haven’t see this band check out their site HERE and catch them at a gig near you….you will dance and the place will be packed, I guarantee it.

Needless to say I was very excited about this day, it was set to be a fun one and it was. Well done Carl and Danielle, a well deserved, top Wedding Day!

Carl-Danielle-12Carl-Danielle-12 Carl-Danielle-47Carl-Danielle-47

Carl-Danielle-67Carl-Danielle-67 Carl-Danielle-85Carl-Danielle-85
Carl-Danielle-145Carl-Danielle-145 Carl-Danielle-162Carl-Danielle-162 Carl-Danielle-166Carl-Danielle-166 Carl-Danielle-174Carl-Danielle-174 Carl-Danielle-226Carl-Danielle-226


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Simply beautiful! Fantastic images – well done!
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