Stuart and Amy - Lympstone

It was easy to get excited about the Wedding of Stuart and Amy from the moment I started to hear what was in store.

A fantastic day with fantastic locations. The service took place at the Lympstone Church and the reception was held on land overlooking the Exe Estuary in a beautiful Marquee. 

After a shaky start to the day with the weather, it soon settled and gave way to plenty of sunshine and so the fun began. From the Horse and Cart trip to the Estuary, the Brass Band at the drinks reception, the unbelievable air display (see pics below), Vodka through the ice sculpture , the hilarious speeches, the infectious view from the reception and more...but the personal highlight for me was the Church Choir dropping Jackie Wilsons "Your love keeps lifting my higher". Needless to say everyone had their smiles on!


Stuart_Amy_Lympstone-1 Stuart_Amy_Lympstone-2

Stuart_Amy_Lympstone-14 Stuart_Amy_Lympstone-43

Stuart_Amy_Lympstone-127 Stuart_Amy_Lympstone-143

Stuart_Amy_Lympstone-162 Stuart_Amy_Lympstone-201 Stuart_Amy_Lympstone-222 Stuart_Amy_Lympstone-216 Stuart_Amy_Lympstone-212

Stuart_Amy_Lympstone-247 Stuart_Amy_Lympstone-262 Stuart_Amy_Lympstone-253

Stuart_Amy_Lympstone-233 Stuart_Amy_Lympstone-267 Stuart_Amy_Lympstone-372 Stuart_Amy_Lympstone-473  



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