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Russell and Emma had chosen the Great Barn near Haldon forest in Exeter. I had heard many things about the place and seen a few photos but nothing prepared me for how it looks and feels once you are inside. It's grand while feeling intimate, it has a very old/traditional feel but also has a contemporary edge and the stunning lighting but more on that later....

My day started at Emma’s parents house capturing the girls in the build up to the main event, its always a great way to start a wedding day, getting to meet the parents and bridal party, sharing the excitement and of course, capturing those classic moments this part of the day brings.

Arriving at the barn I had a quick chance to have a look inside before the ceremony started. It’s quite stunning, individual spot lights strategically placed to create an effect and atmosphere not experienced before. Speaking to the owner, he is able to remotely change the direction of each of the lights in the barn. It was worthwhile having a chat with him as he was more than happy to help with lighting what I needed throughout the day, a truly unique experience.

After the meeting and greeting of friends and family it was time for the service to begin, unfortunately the weather decided to chuck it down but once again and this goes for every wedding I have been to and it has rained, IT DOESN'T MATTER! It's amazing how people shrug it off, I guess we are used to it and won’t let a silly thing like rain get in the way of the day.

With guests in place and Russell and best man ready and waiting, Emma and her dad started the long journey down the centre of the barn, I say long but it was just right, it really built up the mood and occasion, Emma’s dress being lit up as she made her way through the shards of light, stunning.

Once the service had finished the weather had started to behave hich did give us the perfect opportunity to make use of the grounds on which the barn is based. Plenty of gardens to explore and some lovely old building to use in the Photographs.

I could keep going on about the lighting in the Barn, but I will let the photos do the talking, each part of the day in that Barn was again, a unique experience .The speeches, the cake and the amazing evening’s entertainment which partly involved a full live set performed by Russell and his band to serenade Emma, a great moment for all.

The wedding was a fantastic day and evening, a perfect pace with great people in a magnificent location.

Well done Russell and Emma, you must be so happy with your big day and nice touch with the Oggy Oggy Pasty Van for the evening feed :)

I have to admit I got quite nervous about shooting a relatives wedding (Russell is my cousin). But I was still able to give it my professional “all” and was able to jump in and out of guest/photographer mode easily. I wouldn't say it was easier doing for family, there is no doubt I put my all into it, I always do.  I came home with a real sense of pride after this Wedding, getting to do my bit and having the support of my family even when I did have to get a bit bossy. Great times :) 

Great-Barn-Wedding-Photography-Exeter-DevonThe Great Barn Wedding Photography 1

Russell - Emma-29The Great Barn Wedding Photography 2Great-Barn-Wedding-Photography-Exeter-Devon Great-Barn-Wedding-Photography-Exeter-DevonThe Great Barn Wedding Photography 3

Great-Barn-Wedding-Photography-Exeter-DevonThe Great Barn Wedding Photography 4 Great-Barn-Wedding-Photography-Exeter-DevonThe Great Barn Wedding Photography 5

The Great Barn Wedding Photography 6Great-Barn-Wedding-Photography-Exeter-Devon Russell - Emma-74Russell - Emma-74

Russell - Emma-79Russell - Emma-79

Russell - Emma-85Russell - Emma-85

Russell - Emma-92Russell - Emma-92 Russell - Emma-93Russell - Emma-93

Russell - Emma-99Russell - Emma-99 Russell - Emma-100Russell - Emma-100

Russell - Emma-110Russell - Emma-110

Russell - Emma-126Russell - Emma-126

Russell - Emma-143Russell - Emma-143 Russell - Emma-156Russell - Emma-156

Russell - Emma-173Russell - Emma-173 Russell - Emma-213Russell - Emma-213

Russell - Emma-221Russell - Emma-221 Russell - Emma-223Russell - Emma-223

Russell - Emma-227Russell - Emma-227

Russell - Emma-238Russell - Emma-238 Russell - Emma-241Russell - Emma-241

Russell - Emma-291Russell - Emma-291 Russell - Emma-299Russell - Emma-299 Russell - Emma-328Russell - Emma-328

Russell - Emma-335Russell - Emma-335

Russell - Emma-332Russell - Emma-332

Russell - Emma-366Russell - Emma-366

Russell - Emma-367Russell - Emma-367

Russell - Emma-369Russell - Emma-369 Russell - Emma-370Russell - Emma-370

Russell - Emma-381Russell - Emma-381

Russell - Emma-390Russell - Emma-390 Russell - Emma-394Russell - Emma-394

Russell - Emma-395Russell - Emma-395 Russell - Emma-400Russell - Emma-400

Russell - Emma-417Russell - Emma-417 Russell - Emma-421Russell - Emma-421

Russell - Emma-433Russell - Emma-433

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