Pete and Kate's "Save the Date" shoot.

November 17, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Pete and Kate approached me with the idea of creating an image for their "Save the date" cards. Now, me always begin up for a challenge jumped at the opportunity, especially when I found out that we had access to a local theatre here in Exeter.

The idea was simple however the execution took a little bit more thinking, from the props, lighting, post processing, getting the positioning of Pete and Kate bang on and of course their facial expressions/poses, however they took care of that bit very well :).

I had my friend Lee on hand who once again proved to be a great help, especially in the rafters (no way I was going up there). 

So when it came to start shooting, I was sat probably in Row F seat 9, camera on tripod getting instant feedback from my laptop after every shot.  We managed to get it done quite quickly once the initial set up was done, it was a real team effort from all involved and the results are fantastic. I have since found out that the cards have been produced, sent out and have had a great response.

Love this, looking forward to the wedding next year! 

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