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Ok, I can’t leave the blog post at that so here's a bit more...

Frankie and Amy's wedding had me on quite an adventure for the day. First up was to meet the Groom and his entourage at Woodbury Park. It was a flying visit for me but I had enough time to greet what you'd call the coolest bunch of men you could meet and capture the vital moments of final preparation before the next stop, the barbers.

A short drive into Exeter and a stop off at the Loft for some last minute grooming, this wasn't on my schedule for the day but it was great to have that opportunity to follow the guys and document what goes on before the service, I am so used to being with the bride and co.

We arrived at the castle with plenty of time to spare, so after a quick sort out of the button holes, a few pics around the grounds, we were off to the pub. Again, not my usual morning before the service but I wasn’t complaining, in fact it was a good laugh, it was clear this day was going to be a lot of fun.

It wasn’t long before I had to set off to my next destination. Amy had requested I meet her at the Southgate hotel in Exeter, to capture her and her bridal party before they set off for the service. This was an excellent idea, the Southgate has a stunning lobby area that provides plenty of opportunity to get some stunning photos.

Once I wrapped up at the Southgate it was back to the Castle, by this time the men were well into their duties while Frankie and best man Alex were poised for the event!

After a service full of smiles, laughter and emotion. It wasn’t long before we made our way down to Exeter's quay side, this is somewhere Amy and Frankie had their heart set on getting some photos so we made sure we had enough time to make the most of the gem of our city. 

I loved the idea, it’s not often you get a bride and groom working the cobbles down by the arches. Shooting them was easy, true love and being so relaxed in front of the camera meant that I could concentrate on composing and letting them do their thing.

I think the public enjoyed it as much as we did, I am sure there were plenty talking about it that evening.

Back at the castle after the meal and speeches in the fantastic ball room, the party really started. The evening’s entertainment kicked off with a live set from THE BREAKS COLLECTIVE, if you like your hip hop and you like it live, definitely check out these guys if they are playing near you. To top it off were sets from a couple of top DJ's, quite literally blowing the roof off.

Needless to say there was no Dad Dancing going on!

If there was ever an example of serious planning, attention to detail, a heap of class and a whole lot of love, this wedding had it all. 

Congratulations Amy and Frankie, loved it!


the first couple of shots in the set below were taken at one of the pre wedding meetings, its was a rainy day but we managed to find 5 minutes and a tree for shelter, stunning I am sure you will agree.




IMG_1669IMG_1669   IMG_1647IMG_1647






Frankie-Amy-40Frankie-Amy-40   Frankie-Amy-43Frankie-Amy-43




Frankie-Amy-112Frankie-Amy-112   Frankie-Amy-118Frankie-Amy-118









Frankie-Amy-272Frankie-Amy-272   Frankie-Amy-273Frankie-Amy-273

Frankie-Amy-274Frankie-Amy-274   Frankie-Amy-277Frankie-Amy-277


Frankie-Amy-344Frankie-Amy-344   Frankie-Amy-356Frankie-Amy-356

Frankie-Amy-372Frankie-Amy-372   Frankie-Amy-379Frankie-Amy-379



Frankie-Amy-412Frankie-Amy-412   Frankie-Amy-415Frankie-Amy-415




Frankie-Amy-463Frankie-Amy-463   Frankie-Amy-471Frankie-Amy-471



Want more?, ok, HERE


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