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October 07, 2013  •  3 Comments

Wow was this a hot wedding and i'm not just talking about the Bride and Groom :) ! Wendy and Darren chose the beautiful Lord Haldon for their service and reception and they had the weather to match the fantastic location.

I managed to capture both of them doing their thing in the build up to the service, being able to cover this part of the day really adds to the story telling of the final set of photos.

I have known Wendy and Darren for some time and share a circle of friends, the day was full of giggles, emotion, fun and a little lunacy on the dance floor for good measure, did I get invloved? I may have....... If Weddings had a fun dial this one was turned up to 11. Well done Darren and Wendy, a Wedding to remember for sure.

Darren - Wendy-1Darren - Wendy-1

Darren - Wendy-6Darren - Wendy-6

Darren - Wendy-14Darren - Wendy-14

Darren - Wendy-28Darren - Wendy-28

Darren - Wendy-29Darren - Wendy-29

Darren - Wendy-50Darren - Wendy-50

Darren - Wendy-65Darren - Wendy-65

Darren - Wendy-88Darren - Wendy-88

Darren - Wendy-117Darren - Wendy-117

Darren - Wendy-140Darren - Wendy-140

Darren - Wendy-157Darren - Wendy-157

Darren - Wendy-242Darren - Wendy-242

Darren - Wendy-398Darren - Wendy-398

Darren - Wendy-409Darren - Wendy-409

Darren - Wendy-415Darren - Wendy-415

Darren - Wendy-421Darren - Wendy-421

Darren - Wendy-466Darren - Wendy-466


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judith lake(non-registered)
was a brilliant day hot thoroughly enjoyed by all of Wendy's family with great pictures to capture it
Kerry and Scott(non-registered)
Lovely day that we will remember for ever photos r fab :)
'Mazin day and 'mazin pictures.
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