In My World

I am Alex Toze, currently 34 years old, living and always have in Exeter, Devon. I am the Husband to my beautiful Wife, the love of my life Nicola and Dad to the 2 most amazing, charming, funny and sometimes downright crazy boys, Adam and Aaron (we struggled past “A” in the name book).

In My Head

I love house music, I love 90’s Hip Hop, I love anything that gets my head bopping. I love foreign cinema, food (If its edible, I will try it), Ale, watching and taking part in Mountain Biking and just generally being outside.

I obviously love Photography and have been lucky enough to take part in some fantastic shoots with salons, musicians, friends, family and various corporate events and of course, at fabulous Weddings. I get a massive amount of satisfaction throwing my camera over my shoulder, going for a walk with the family and coming back with Photographs which WOW me and give me that massive sense of pride when people start raving about them.

Why Weddings?

Your Wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, to your family it’s to see their nearest and dearest tie the knot and share the emotions, to others it’s a great opportunity to celebrate love and friendship. It's a time for you all to get dressed up in your best, enjoy the surroundings of your chosen location, eat fine food, dance and be very merry. To play a part in this is always a privilege, a lot of people work extremely hard on a Wedding day to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible to ensure you have the day you have been dreaming of, my job is no different but I get the honour of nearly always getting the best seat in the house. I get to interact with your Wedding party and most important of all I get to do what I love, take photographs of you all. It’s extremely hard work but I am always having fun. I get to go to fantastic locations, make lots of new friends and put smiles on the faces of everyone I meet. Think of me as a friend at your wedding, one that doesn't get drunk, is always smiling and works hard to ensure your day is captured beyond what you could have imagined

Weddings pretty much test all of the skills and experience I have gathered over the years. With so much going on, so much so see and do, it really does provide a challenge that is unlike anything else.

So why Weddings? Because I love them.